Couple Photography: Engagement Photos to Family Photos on Kiawah Island

I posted a photo on social media from this session a few days ago, but had to blog about it as well! It’s so great to have photographed a family or couple and then years later photograph them again.

Surprise Engagement Photos

This time was so amazing because I photographed their engagement session and now they are back with their young daughter, vacationing where they got engaged years ago. This was a surprise engagement session, so it was candid and beautiful and I was so lucky to be a part of it. What was also so funny- he didn’t tell anyone he was going to propose. He had to try to sneak away from his parents to get some alone time with his wife-to-be. Which was more difficult than it could have been.

And can we just talk about them? How beautiful are they? And how perfect is their daughter?

This year they even came back with friends. When you love a place you want to share it with others right? Well Kiawah is one of those places. People keep coming back year after year, and for obvious reasons right? Aside from being so close to such an amazing city – Charleston, Kiawah Island has so many wonderful things to offer. And the sunsets are amazing.


photos from a surprise engagement session years ago and now with their family of three years later on Kiawah Islandtwo families of three vacationing on Kiawah Island together


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