Family Reunion Portraits on Kiawah Island

Family Reunion Portraits on Kiawah Island

Summertime is the best time for families to get back together!

On Kiawah, we see many small families that view the summer as a chance to get away from their hectic lives and can take a breather on the beach. However it is becoming more and more popular for large families to have reunions here. They will rent a large house, enjoy some face-to-face quality time, catch up on their lives, and of course… have family portraits done on the beach!

When we photograph your multi-generational families, we’ll keep the session fun and exciting and provide you with a variety of backgrounds, poses, and groupings. Of course we will photograph the whole group, but we will also break it down to smaller units: grandparents with their children, spouses, individual family units, just the grandkids…it’s totally up to you. Our favorite grouping is always the grandparents with their grandchildren and we’re sure it will be yours too!

This family was great to work with and had a blast getting their portraits taken. Sometimes families will shy away from matching attire, however with this family we love the look partly because “the dads” are twins, both with beautiful wives, one son and one daughter each.  On this evening we had a wonderful golden sky to finish a great session.


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