Kiawah Island’s best family photographer – Photographics


Kiawah Island’s best family photographer – PhotoGraphics

We are so appreciative when our customers tell us that PhotoGraphics Photography is Kiawah Island’s best family photographer. That actually makes us blush a little…and I can honestly say that we are having just as much fun today as we did ten years ago.  All of this fun is evident in the final set of portraits we deliver to families on Kiawah and Seabrook Island.  This family pictured below has been coming to Kiawah Island for many years and we’ve had a blast during each and every session.  I know some photographers might run for the hills when they see five children who are close in age…but we say, “BRING IT ON!” 
I mean….look at those adorable faces. 

Have you ever seen the TV commercials that show overly cautious first-time parents versus parents who become old-pros after number 3 or 4?  Well, this mom and dad get the laid-back award from PhotoGraphics.  During every portrait session throughout the years, we’ve seen crying, pouting, happiness, sadness, sibling rivalry, stubbed-toes, giggle-fits, and water wipe-outs.  And, to this mom and dad we are just capturing reality and going with the flow.  I’m guessing these children do really well in school and pre-school because they take direction from me so well.  Typically I like to start out each new location with a posed portrait mostly just to get everyone nestled together.  From there we move on and can introduce different degrees of silliness or what we like to call “scripted candids”.  These candid situations usually result in some of the most genuine smiles and special moments during the portrait session.  Often times, this just happens naturally like in the first photo below…big brother started falling backwards off the log and he hung on for dear life all while dragging down his brother and sisters.  Now that’s a hilarious, messy, fun family photo!








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