The Lawsons at Kiawah Island Getaways – Family Portrait Session

As a small business I really love and appreciate working with others who also run a small business. I had the pleasure of taking family portraits for The Lawson’s at Kiawah Island Getaways, and they are some of the nicest people ever. I love when you can see a family’s personality shine through in photos, and just look at these!! The laughing, the hand holding and the tender moments were all captured. And it’s so nice to see.

Great things about my job are being able to meet and catch up with wonderful families AND that I get to watch the sunset over the beach five or six nights a week. Let me just tell you, Kiawah has some great sunsets! They honestly never get old. The lighting this evening was perfect. I mean, it’s not called golden hour for nothing. Golden Hour is the best time to get photographed for a number of reasons, but good lighting really will make or break the photos. The sun is more golden and less harsh, so there won’t be as much squinting or harsh lines. Just great photos that you can look back on for years to come. Thanks for letting me capture these moments for you, Lawson family!

Kiawah Island Getaways

Kiawah Island Getaways is a family run and operated business with exceptional vacation rentals on the island. With oceanfront and beach view villas, condos and cottages you can find what you are looking for whether there are two of you or twenty two.

Shawn and Jeanette truly have a love for Kiawah and have lived here since 1988. They are very familiar with the island and can help provide great insight and recommendations during your stay. Take a look at their properties map with bike paths, cool spots to visit, parks, shopping and more all located conveniently in Kiawah Island. They really can make your entire stay one to remember.

family photos on Kiawah Island beach


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