Man’s Best Friend – Family Portraits Kiawah Island

I still absolutely love these photos. Photos with your furry four-legged friend are so fun. Especially when your pup is as beautiful as this one and LOVES the beach. It was so fun to see their authentic smiles from their dog – from digging holes to giving them love to trying to run at full speed on a beach. It was such a fun session. I mean look how happy they all look in that first photo!

They went with blue and white for their outfit choices. A plain white dress with pretty lace detail as well as adding a print for added dimension turned out great in the photos. It’s also so smart to choose lighter fabrics in the summer months that are more breezy and won’t stick to you – I mean it gets hot! Luckily it’s cooling down and an hour on the beach is so pleasant, so some more layers may be more necessary. Dress accordingly!

Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Family Photos

If you do decide to bring your pup with you for photos, there are some things that we recommend:

  1. Just like little kids, sometimes dogs need a treat or two to keep their attention, so bring their favorites
  2. If you know you only want a few photos with your pup, you may want to consider bringing someone else to the session with you to watch them… when it’s not their time to shine
  3. For your high energy pups – play with them or take them for a walk before your session, that way they have calmed down and won’t try to run any chance they get
  4. In the summer or a warm night – bring water to keep them comfortable and happy
  5. Have fun with them!

For more family photo tips, check out our other blog post here.

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