Michael Cyra – Featured Artist for Art Walk 2015 at Freshfields Village

Art Show “ATMOSPHERE” by Michael Cyra

PhotoGraphics Art Gallery  at Freshfields Village
Join us for the Art Walk and Wine Tasting 2015 :: Friday, February 13 from 4pm to 7pm
We’ll have plenty of appetizers and wine to share.
All are welcome!

“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity” How many times have we heard THAT in the LowCounty?  Well, that was my inspiration…to try and capture
this heavy ATMOSPHERE as it veils the landscape.  I get pretty excited when I hear a forecast for dense fog as I prep my camera and head-out
amazed at how a gazillion water droplets can change a familiar scene into something new and inspirational.

My show features a collection of new oil paintings as well as the photography that fueled my fascination with fog.
(that’s a lot of alliteration)

Photographics Kiawah Seabrook Portrait Photography

Kiawah-Seabrook-artist-paintings-art-gallery-photographer-Michael-Cyra_0147 Kiawah-Seabrook-artist-paintings-art-gallery-photographer-Michael-Cyra_0148 Kiawah-Seabrook-artist-paintings-art-gallery-photographer-Michael-Cyra_0149 Kiawah-Seabrook-artist-paintings-art-gallery-photographer-Michael-Cyra_0150 Kiawah-Seabrook-artist-paintings-art-gallery-photographer-Michael-Cyra_0151 Kiawah-Seabrook-artist-paintings-art-gallery-photographer-Michael-Cyra_0152 Kiawah-Seabrook-artist-paintings-art-gallery-photographer-Michael-Cyra_0153 Kiawah-Seabrook-artist-paintings-art-gallery-photographer-Michael-Cyra_0154


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