Real Estate Photography Kiawah Island – Why You Need Twilight Photos

Quality home photography is important for a number of reasons. If you want to see the difference it can make in selling a home, click here. Standing out from the competition is so important in today’s market when 90% of what we consume is online. How do you get more recognition? How do you attract more people to your listings? One way – twilight photography.

Twilight Photography

While it’s also important to showcase your listing during the day, especially when the scenery is as beautiful as it is on Kiawah Island – twilight photos are an added bonus. They evoke emotion and add more dimension to your photos. The home is lit up and is a beautiful contrast against the dark sky. The interior lights are warm and the ambiance sets the mood for the entire house. It helps to make a house feel more like a home. It’s inviting and welcoming. It gets the customers to imagine themselves in this space after sunset, when family gets together for a nice meal and good conversation.

You are doing a disservice to your property if you forego this addition – especially if you have a pool. Nothing looks more inviting at a beautiful location on a clear night than a well lit pool. I’ll let the photos do the talking on that one. Outside of a home during twilight on Kiawah Island for Real Estate Company

How To Get the Perfect Twilight Photo

There is a time after sunset when the sky glows a magnificent shade of blue that you have to photograph the home. We call this the magic moment. This happens roughly 30 minutes after sunset, and you have a 15 to 20 minute time frame to get the perfect shots. It almost doesn’t give you enough time to move from the front to the back of the house. You have to be quick and make sure all the lights are on beforehand and that everything else is prepared so that you are able to get THE photo.

The time you choose to photograph, the weather for the day (ie. is it overcast, is it rainy, foggy, clear sky), the equipment used, angles and editing style all make a huge difference when it comes down to getting the right photo. Hint: a clear sky is best for Architectural/Real Estate Photography.

Below, we have a before and after. Before from a previous photographer and after from us – just so you can see for yourself the difference it truly makes.

Before photo taken by previous photographer at Twilight

After photo at Twilight - Kiawah Island Photo, real estate photography

Photographics Photography

At Photographics, we love to photograph properties, and have spent time and money figuring out the best techniques to leave you with top quality professional photography to showcase on your website.

If you are looking for a Real Estate Photographer on Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island and the surrounding area – Photographics Photography would love to help you with your photography needs. Trust Michael’s artistic eye when you need interiors and exteriors of your property done correctly.

Contact us here.

Front of home on Kiawah Island, Twilight Photography Kiawah Island

Pool at twilight outside of home on Kiawah Island

Marsh and home during twilight for real estate company to sell home on Kiawah Island


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