An Anniversary to Remember

Remember your Anniversary with Portraits on Kiawah Island

With kids, careers, and all the stresses of day-to-day family life, its easy for parents to forget how they fell in love in the first place. This is not the case for the Tomaszewski family. Annemarie and Jeff made a special decision to take some time for themselves and head down to Kiawah to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. They have four beautiful children that certainly keep them busy, but they decided to make this vacation all about each other and left the kiddos at home.

Going through their portrait gallery, you can just feel the loving bond that these two share. They both look so young and full of life, they could easily be confused for newlyweds taking their first photographs together as husband and wife.

Over the last 15 years PhotoGraphics has been the leading provider of family portraits of Kiawah and Seabrook Islands through ensuring each session comes out both varied, unique, and professional. This is enhanced with our top-notch professional retouching and stylization of our favorite portraits from the session. Annemarie appreciated these efforts so much that she requested us to stylize a few fore images so she could share these warm memories with family and friends. These gave the photo’s an even more intimate and romantic feel that they will certainly cherish for years to come. Annemarie described the difference made by the retouching as pure “MAGIC!!”

The couple found their time away together so special. When looking back on 20, it’s so important that you hold each other close and cherish each memory. After seeing the gorgeous results of their session Annemarie couldn’t wait to let us know how excited they were to book another session for next summer when they bring the whole family!


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